Price list

Locksmith work43.-/h
Motorist work48.-/h
Error codes reading20.-
Chassis control15.-
Tire (4pcs) passenger car change 13 ″ – 19 ″FROM 40.-
Tire (4pcs) SUV change 14 ″ – 19 ″FROM 40.-
Front and rear axle inspection and adjustment on a car50.-

Tariff works are based on the norms prescribed by car manufacturers.

Prices include 20% VAT

Before ordering work, we recommend asking for a price offer.

It must be taken into account that the actual volume of work and replaced spare parts may not exactly coincide with the price offer, as during the work it may become clear that additional replacement parts and additional work are required. Of course, if possible, we coordinate with the customer all spare parts that need to be replaced and replaced during the work.